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Children’s sunglasses Shadez Swiss Design Sale 13.99 Eur Baby 0-3 years or Junior 3-7 years

Shadez Swiss Design children’s sunglasses offer the best protection for the sensitive eyes of toddlers and children from the effects of strong sunlight. Children’s eyes are not yet able to filter UV rays. The eyes of children are therefore up to three times more exposed to the harmful effects of sunlight than adults. Shadez sunglasses have UV protection. This is very important, especially for the still developing eye, as is the case with children, who also have larger pupils and are thus more susceptible to harmful influences from the environment. We can teach children to wear sunglasses from the first year of age to protect their eyes and good eyesight in the long run.

All Shadez sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection for your child’s eyes. They are made of solid rubber.So they are much more flexible than ordinary glasses, and playful children find them harder to destroy or break. The frames of the glasses are flexible and do not break. Top quality lenses are resistant to even the strongest shocks and scratches. Shadez children’s sunglasses are made in such a way that they are safe and durable. And also that you and your toddler can go on various adventures with them. The sunglasses are modernly designed. Available in various attractive colors of various motifs and in various sizes, so that they are suitable for both the youngest children and schoolchildren.

BPA FREE- harmless and safe materials for children. 100% BPA free.


Bisphenol A (hereinafter BPA), 2,2-bis (4-hydroxyphenol) propane, is a commercially important chemical used. And is in the production of polycarbonate plastics. This plastic has high impact resistance, adequate hardness, transparency. It also has resistance to temperatures between -40 ° C and up to 145 ° C and various acids and oils. Polycarbonate plastics are sensitive to UV light, humidity, temperature fluctuations, certain additives (e.g. TiO2) and inadvertently added ingredients (impurities). All of the above can affect the degradation of BPA, which we then get into our body, where it has been shown to have negative consequences on the quality of our lives.

Children’s sunglasses Shadez Swiss Design Sale 13.99 Eur

Protect your child’s eyes with SHADEZ goggles.

We have two sizes of glasses for sale, smaller for ages 0-3 and larger for ages 3-7.