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Creative sets and diaries

Jewelry to create Be Teens Buki modeling mass

Creative sets, where children strengthen their imagination, because with the help of creation they come up with a variety of ideas on how to create a particular product.

In this category we have the Be Teens Line by the French manufacturer Buki, where in three different price ranges children create their bracelets, pendant earrings and more and more. All accessories from the manufacturer Buki are of very high quality and we get a lot in the Set itself, so that the child can make something for himself, and also something for, for example, a mother or grandmother.
Beech Sets are an ideal gift for our children. The age is from 8 years onwards, but even younger children can create their masterpieces, of course, with the help and guidance of parents. because it has a very positive effect on children to create together with their parents various accessories with all the accessories Jewelry to create Be Teens Buki modeling mass

The modeling line takes children into the world of design and the first steps into the world of sculpture.

Of course, diaries in this category should not be forgotten, which are always a mandatory companion of our children, to whom children often write a secret in them.

And briefly about the quality or the motto of Buki’s thinking:

Our values
Our product managers work hard to develop new toys in our various offerings every year. They design kits, from the preparation phase to marketing. The development process takes from three months to one year.

Buki offers a wide range of creative kits to seduce every child, even the youngest. Buki is already a leader in science toys in its domestic market and is growing strongly in other markets.

All experiments, recipes and activities are tested and approved by children so that they can learn and discover the world around them during the fun! Our kits include an illustrated booklet that allows you to perform the proposed activities.

Ensuring the safety of children is one of our priorities. All our products are tested in independent laboratories and meet all the latest European standards.