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Equipment prams and car seats rollerblades and scooters

We have selected for you the best children’s equipment products available from leading European manufacturers. With us you will find everything you need for children’s entertainment, recreation, nutrition, comfort and changing. Let your children use high quality equipment at the most affordable prices.

We offer strollers for newborns and older children. When the children get tired and sleepy, it is best to choose a stroller . They all nowadays all fold nicely and take up very little space.

Of course, we must not forget about safety in cars when using car seats. Later, also riders, when the children grow a little.

In our set in this category Equipment prams and car seats, rollerblades and scooters. You will also find some chairs for our youngest ones, so that eating at the table with their parents will be even more enjoyable.

We also offer you one of the best sunglasses from Shadez, which is also used by the most famous celebrities for their children.

Also check out the new scooters at very reasonable prices and of course the roller skates that are always in.

Check out the remaining products in the equipment category, which we also add to you every day and increase the range, so that shopping is even more fun.