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All the toys that children play with are gadgets that take children into a world of imagination. This strengthens the child’s brain abilities. It also helps to increase motor skills, as children play a lot when playing and also develop with the help of fine motor skills. That’s why playing with Toys is so important for the youngest rattles of the playing mat.

When researching the impact of toys on a child, it is often said what role a toy plays in a child’s development. How it affects his emotional, social and cognitive development. The use of toys in various areas of educational work creates conditions for the creative expression of the child. The toy has great power and significance for the child and the educator. It has been found that the toy carries magical power within it. It only needs to be given the opportunity to prove itself and to prove its value also in the field of occupational therapy. Many times, the analysis of children’s behavior also focuses very much on the symbolic and theatrical play that the child develops while playing. Of course, we must not forget that a children’s show is the freest form of a child’s creativity because it actually has no boundaries.